Protect your family's assets

As professional advisers we are often asked ‘Why is it so important for me to have a legal will’? The short answer is to ensure you choose the beneficiaries of your assets when you die, but your legacy has greater potential – to provide your family with financial peace of mind.

Many people neglect to write a will because they struggle to think about life after death, or because they simply don’t know where to start – but the right professional advice is critical to ensure your final wishes are upheld. During the preparation of a financial plan can be a good time to consider your Will and Powers of Attorney.

Protecting your assets

Your will can only deal with assets which are legally owned by you. While this sounds straight forward, many people own assets via family trusts, superannuation funds and companies but still consider them as their own. Due to the complex nature of wills it’s important that you seek the advice of a professional experienced in wills and estate planning who can understand your unique situation, and can help prepare a will that protects your assets and foresees anything you might have overlooked.

  • Superannuation funds
  • Choosing an executor
  • Tax implications
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney

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