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Doug Mitchell

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With more than 40 years in the industry, Doug has seen just about everything there is to see in business and draws on that unique insight to benefit his clients. As owner and Partner at Michell Wilson for over 30 years Doug is renowned for his calm efficient and professional approach to business.

Handing over the reins to Cris Yu in 2018 Doug is now focused on delivering exceptional outcomes for clients and advises on all aspects of accounting, taxation, and business services.

His career has always been about helping clients in all aspects including to run their businesses efficiently, whether it means complying with tax laws, reporting, planning strategies, estate planning and complex family issues.

Doug serves as a board member for several clients as well as being Chairperson of NADRASCA (a disability support organisation) and Chair of Parish Council and Warden of St Alfred’s Anglican Church.

Doug is married with two adult children and three grandchildren and enjoys spending time with family and friends, four-wheel driving as well as serving the community in various ways.

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Cris Yu

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A good accountant is not just someone with finance skills but also an expert in human relations and communication. They must have exceptional human relations and communication. They must have exceptional integrity as they oversee financial records, and they must have strong communication skills to present detailed information in a manner that's easy to understand.

As a Chartered Accountant Cris has all these skills and more, some of which he learnt during his early days as an employee at Mitchell Wilson.

Following some time away working with a mid-tier firm Cris took over from Doug Mitchell in 2018 and has grown the business whilst still focusing on client service.

Cris has the ability to recognise the unique skills in his team and believes that being considerate and grateful for those around you is rewarding for everyone. This underpins his relationships with clients whom he keeps well informed of any developments to ensure there are never any ‘nasty’ surprises.

Cris’ work has encompassed a variety of industries from tourism to manufacturing and he understands and appreciates business through his own hands-on experience.

Cris is an entrepreneurial accountant and imparts the knowledge and experience gained from building his own business to his clients. He works with clients across all aspects of their growth journey to ensure they have the structuring advice, business strategy and a support team in place to reach their goals.

Cris is not your stereotypical accountant but one who thinks outside the box. He is enlightening and has the ability to find solutions to almost any financial, taxation, business, investment or accounting related matter.

Cris is married with a school age daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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Adam Cammidge

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Adam always brings something valuable to the table and his priority is to listen to his clients, using their insights to get a complete understanding of the business.

Valuing honesty and direct communication, Adam tells it like it is.

Teamwork is something he rates highly, and he and the team have a client portfolio spread across several industries.  Adam assists clients in all stages of the business cycle, including structure & tax planning, business strategy, growth advice, finance management and exit strategy. Having this range of experience enables him to provide clients with a good analysis of their business, enhancing their ability to create successful strategies for the future.

Adam’s approach to client-service involves developing strong relationships to get to the heart of what matters most to them. While Adam’s core expertise is based around tax and business advice, he works with specialist teams across the firm to ensure that all areas of his clients’ personal and business assets are looked after, focusing on wealth creation, risk management, succession, and estate planning.

Adam can be consulted on any number of fields from basic to complex.

Adam is married with two school age daughters. He is an avid Hawthorn supporter and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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Michael Prince

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Michael is a Chartered Accountant and client manager at Mitchell Wilson, he has been with the firm since 2008. Intelligent, driven, and versatile, Michael has long had an interest in tax and money management and comes from a family with strong ties to the accounting profession.

Exceedingly disciplined, highly organised and a consummate professional, Michael is well-respected by both clients and colleagues alike. His positive attitude and holistic understanding of what his clients need is highly regarded.

A great communicator, Michael is committed to achieving successful outcomes for his clients. One of Michael’s strongest attributes is his ability to put himself in his clients’ shoes and assess situations from their point of view.

Michael’s strengths include strategic planning, investment and business structuring, and superannuation. A well-rounded and enthusiastic professional, Michael has a results-driven attitude that is underpinned by a genuine care and empathy for his clients.

Michael is married and has a son named Arlo. He is a passionate Collingwood supporter and loves spending time with his family and friends.

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Tim Lew

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Quietly delivering for his clients, Tim has been a Chartered Accountant for in excess 25 years specialising in issues associated with small to medium privately owned businesses and high net worth family groups.

With a passion for helping business owners achieve their dreams, Tim is always big pictured focussed, practically oriented, outcome driven and enjoys working with challenging clients, complex structures and problems whilst delivering creative solutions.

Tim provides a range of business advisory and taxation services and acts as a sounding board to his clients as well as managing disputes with the Australian Taxation Office and state revenue authorities.

Outside the hustle and bustle of work, Tim has a strong interest in the stock market, is an avid Collingwood supporter, a struggling tennis player and enjoys watching his two school-aged children compete in tennis and soccer.

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Asoka Wijesooriya

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Asoka is a talented Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) who enjoys adding value to her client’s business by helping them with a range of financial issues including tax and compliance.

Efficient, thorough and astute, Asoka prides herself on having excellent attention to detail and interpreting complex legislation in order to find solutions for clients.

Asoka has tertiary qualifications in Engineering and a Masters in Accounting and has gone on to specialise in the areas of Taxation and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

Asoka is married with two daughters who are also in accounting profession.

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Kiera Ayton

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Kiera is a voracious reader, and brings that rich imagination to her work, seeing a problem from many different perspectives.

Kiera came to MW straight from university 10 years ago. In those 10 years her work ethic and skill has seen her move from a graduate position, to now supporting a suite of clients. She particularly enjoys getting to know the individual passions of each client, as leaders and innovators in their respective fields, and supporting them through the tax and planning aspects of their businesses.

Kiera is skilled at business structuring, management accounting, and creating bespoke, insightful solutions and plans.

As well as reading, Kiera loves eating out, practicing her Japanese and travel, of which has been in short supply since she became mother of two children, with husband Rik.

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Peter Tonelli

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Peter joined the Mitchell Wilson team bringing with him a wealth of taxation and accounting knowledge from other accounting firms.

He has become a valued member of the team with high level expertise in the preparation of financial statements, tax returns, tax strategies and accounting software.

Peter is a CPA and is Xero certified, this has allowed him to train several team members and clients since joining the team, making the transition to cloud-based accounting software easy and effective.

Peter is a gamer and can build his own custom PC, he is also a passionate Carlton Blues fan while also playing and coaching basketball on the weekends.

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Tina Wan

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After completing her accounting degree Tina gained a wide range of industry experience as well as audit experience.

Having taken some time off for maternity leave and caring for her daughter Tina has returned to MW.

Tina is adept at preparing financial accounts and tax returns for small to medium enterprises. Tina is also dedicated to helping clients with their Bookkeeping queries.

Tina enjoys snowboarding and travelling with her husband and young daughter.

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Paige Fisher

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Paige joined the MW team in March 2020 and is completing studies to become a chartered accountant.

Paige enjoys helping her clients to get the most out of their finances. Her high standards and attention to detail give her a professional edge and Paige has developed an appreciation and passion for the technical aspects of her role.

Paige enjoys collaborating with colleagues and is building her skills and passing on her knowledge to new members of the team.

Paige and her partner enjoy spending time socialising with family and friends and looking after their dog Billy.

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Chantelle Antoun

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Chantelle has been with Mitchell Wilson since 2004 and is one of the most important members of the team.

Amongst other things Chantelle is responsible for payroll and with her knowledge in this area is often able to assist clients with queries.

Chantelle also does internal reporting for the business as well as assisting all the team members with various admin tasks.

Chantelle works closely with Doug Mitchell and Cris Yu to ensure things at Mitchell Wilson run smoothly and she has great client relationships having worked with many clients for several years.

Chantelle is married with two school age children. Chantelle enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing tennis.

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Sophy Xie

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Sophy is an accountant who joined the Mitchell Wilson team in 2022.

By learning from here teammates and applying her knowledge Sophy has been able to assist colleagues and clients. Sophy loves the process of researching concepts to find solutions that work effectively for clients.

Sophy also assists with bookkeeping assignments and has a great knowledge in this area.

Sophy enjoys going to Pilates classes as well travelling to Europe and learning about different countries and cultures.

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Dessy Widjaja

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Prior to joining Mitchell Wilson, Dessy had previously worked for several mid-tier accounting firms; looking after clients operating in various industries and high net wealth individuals with significant investment portfolios, as well as self-managed superannuation funds.

Her past audit background with one of the Big 4 when she initially started her career had provided her with a solid foundation for attention to details.

Dessy currently works with many of our larger clients.

A natural problem solver, Dessy enjoys working through challenges and is happy to take on responsibilities above and beyond her job descriptions.

Dessy maintains a balanced approach to life with a passion for learning new things and a love of travel. She is a dedicated badminton player and enjoys playing piano in her spare time.

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Jess Magrath

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